ADS Factory LLC started its business in 2002, it is one of smooth-running companies. Our main area is the design and production of outdoor and interior advertising, production of decorative and exclusive projected and non-projected elements, and production of timber, foam, and polystyrene décor.

The accumulated experience in advertising, own production facilities, high-technology equipment, and competence of our employees allow offer the most interesting and the most favorable conditions of cooperation, and at the same time not compromising the major business components — quality, reliability, affordable prices, and the shortest possible production time.

Company profile

Name: ADS Factory LLC
Contact person: Anna
Type of company: Advertising and production company,
art studio.
Address: 40 Ushinskogo St., Kyiv, Ukraine
Telephone numbers: +38 097 309 79 68
Number of employees: 11-50 persons
Year of foundation: 2005
Production capacities: 100 m2