CNC Router

Computerized and numerically controlled router is an automated multifunctional complex for processing half-ready products and producing finished products of plastics, wood, metal, and other materials.
The router operation mode depends on the material of the half-product, type of the operation, the used cutter, type of the finished product (flat, cylindrical, three-dimensional), as well as the construction of the router itself, refrigerating system, working dimensions, bridge height, etc.
The CNC router allows cut any shape of any material with an accuracy to 0.01 mm.
The designated area of this equipment is very common in outdoor advertising field, in production of various decorations, half-ready products for electronic boards, LED displays and in other areas.

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Thermal plotter

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The machine renders possible to get letters and art elements of polystyrene and foam of different density and thickness with quality much higher than cutting on other equipment.
Cutting of material is made due to a heated drawbar, which gives an absolutely smooth cut in contrast to polystyrene cut made on a router.
The drawbar of less than 1 mm thickness cuts very thin articles to the last detail, which allows achieve sharp-cut angles without any melting even on elements of 5…10 mm.
The machine is computerized and numerically controlled, it cuts layouts (dummies) drawn in graphics programs, with an accuracy to 1 mm.
This equipment is intended for advertisement producers and interior designers.

Plotter is used to cut vinyl materials such as Oracal film.
This equipment opens up new possibilities in decorating various articles, it is widely used in producing dummies, shop-windows decoration, and in outdoor advertising.
A large variety of vinyl films with different characteristics and properties, rich color scheme together with the opportunities of plotter cutting open an incredible expanse for creativity.



An important role in our production process is given to the painting room.
The technologies proven during many years render the possibility to produce high-quality painted articles (smooth, uniform surface just as paper)
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Best Words specialists conduct painting of both small, thin items, and large letters and logos of several meters size.
Painting is performed with water-proof top-quality paint.
We also produce articles with spangles (glitter) and decorate them with Oracal films.
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In conclusion

Best Words company is a Ukrainian producer not hesitating to take interesting and challenging works.
Due to our own production facilities, our prices have no “special fees” and commissions.
We do welcome cooperation and always make advances to our partners and clients.
We deliver within Ukraine.

We look forward to seeing you at the Best Words art studio!

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